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FuturEnergy is a leading British wind turbine manufacturer and engineering company specialising in the design, production and distribution of micro wind turbines for the generation of renewable energy.


We have sold more than 6000 domestic wind turbines worldwide, via a network of distributors, and are highly regarded in the renewable energy sector for our innovative and technologically advanced designs.

Our aim is to harness energy from the wind efficiently, quietly and cost effectively. We undertake extensive research and development to produce high performance, micro wind turbines for the global marketplace, whilst maintaining rigorous control over quality and after sales service.

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Actions to be taken in high wind conditions

When high winds are forecast, we recommend that you visit the website to see an estimated forecast of the wind speed in your area (mph), and live data from weather stations around the country.

By hovering over your own area on the observation wind speed map, you will see a wind speed reading from the nearest weather station to you, together with a forecast of wind speeds over the next few days.

Should these wind speeds be predicted to be Beaufort scale 6 and above, (shown in shades of pink), it is recommended that the turbine is switched off. If predicted to be Beaufort 8 and above, if possible, lower the tower.

It is important to take the actions to either switch the turbine off or to lower the tower before the high wind speeds are reached. If you experience wind speeds higher than your expectations and you have not switched off your turbine, switch off in a lull in the wind, i.e. in between gusts.

Please see our link here for DC stop switch instructions and shut-down procedure.
Please see our link here for AC stop switch instructions and shut-down procedure.


FuturEnergy's 1KW wind turbine was introduced onto the market in 2006; as a leading UK wind turbine company we have manufactured and sold more than 6000 turbines in the UK and overseas. Successful micro generation installations range from farms and small rural businesses to Arctic exploration vessels, rural retreats and caravan parks.

We are a significant investor in research and development and continue to improve both the specification and performance of our micro generation wind turbines. We have established a reputation for robust construction, rigorous quality standards, low sound emission and optimum performance. Today, FuturEnergy offers a 1KW wind turbine in 12V, 24V and 48V versions suitable for battery charging, water/air heating and grid-tie installation, and a 10KW turbine is in development and undergoing trials. We sell direct and via a global network of distributors.

As a leading manufacturer involved in extensive research and one of the UK's leading wind turbine suppliers, FuturEnergy is able to offer objective and expert advice. Managing Director Peter Osborne's expertise and views are highly respected throughout the industry; he sites three key issues when considering investment in wind technology and domestic wind turbines: payback, location and planning, and the company advises customers accordingly.

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