Turbine Development

Since FuturEnergy developed the AirForceTM 1 domestic wind turbine, introduced to the market in 2006, more than 6000 have been manufactured and sold world-wide providing valuable alternative energy solutions. They have been used in a wide variety of applications that include battery charging, off-grid networks, water heating and grid-tied applications and installed in areas of extreme environmental conditions.

Successful installations include residential wind turbines for farms and small rural businesses, Arctic exploration vessels, private boats, rural retreats, caravan parks, and off-grid telecoms sites among many others. Product evolution has led to the introduction of new bespoke permanent magnet generators, wholly designed and manufactured in-house, that provide enhanced performance and reliability.

FuturEnergy is recognised as a leading UK wind turbine manufacturer and continues to invest in research and development, recently introducing a completely updated version of the AirForceTM 10 turbine to the range.

Delivery of turbines providing sustainable energy, supported by robust construction with rigorous quality standards, low noise emission and optimum performance, has resulted in an enviable reputation being established.

FuturEnergy offers objective and expert advice on key issues to anyone considering investment in wind technology and domestic wind turbines such as return on investment, location, and detailed drawings for planning applications.

Energy Projects

In recent years a diversification strategy has seen activity within the wider renewable energy industry. Acting as a contracted design house, FuturEnergy has developed equipment and processes that evolve ideas into actual products and has led to engagement in a variety of markets.

The in-house design and manufacturing capability, supported by a wide range of equipment such as CNC machining, water-jet cutters, plating and finishing and 3D-scanning, allows FuturEnergy to provide a rapid prototyping and small-scale production service.

FuturEnergy offers a generator design service and supplies bespoke generators to industry, especially where off-the-shelf units are not suitable, with wind, tidal and hydro power applications being key application areas.

Other products and projects are active in areas as diverse as waste to energy, heat recovery and energy generation, concentrated solar-thermal and solar-PV, water desalination systems and organic waste reduction.

Energy from waste systems include equipment that recovers energy from end-of-life tyres, plastics, and organic wastes such as sewage sludge. Gases generated are used to drive gas engine generator sets, with oils either used in the same way, or further processed for use as transport fuels. Residual chars are often valuable products that can be used in co-generation plants or the chemicals industry.