10kw Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine. Powering the way forward

Proudly designed, manufactured and wholly sourced in the UK

The AIRFORCE10 is a state-of-the-art upwind horizontal turbine incorporating a range of features that are unique to turbines of this size. This has been achieved while simultaneously reducing the complexity of the system design and thereby controlling cost. The combination of advanced hardware design and software control has resulted in a turbine that delivers an enviable return on investment profile over its expected 20-year operational life, when compared to other turbines in this class.
The AIRFORCE10 is designed to be mounted on a galvanised steel tapered tower of 12m, 15m,18m or 20m high, subject to client and site requirements. The tower is hinged at the base so it may hydraulically tilted to greatly simplify initial turbine installation and subsequent system servicing.
A design principle adopted at outset reduced the component count fitted at the rotor head to the absolute minimum. Improved reliability is a natural consequence of the minimisation of the number of items exposed to extreme conditions with attendant reduced maintenance needs as access to the rotor head is minimised. Controlling the mass installed at the rotor head eases installation and also reduces the area exposed to the wind.
• Designed and manufactured wholly within the UK
• Designed for class 1 and 2 wind areas
• 5-year standard warranty, 5-year servicing included in price
• 20-year operational design life
• Suitable for on and off-grid applications
• Bespoke FUTURENERGY designed and manufactured PMG
• Hi-torque capability for optimum control and safety
• Exceptionally stable and reliable grid connection
• Maximum energy production in all wind conditions
• Supplied with 12m tower (15m,18m & 20m options)
• Safe, robust and reliable with triple-level safety system
• Passive stall blades
• Active yaw nacelle
• Fail-safe twin-calliper hydraulic braking with capacitive ‘slow-stop’ application
• Bespoke FUTURENERGY designed and manufactured rotor blades
• Standard industrial inverter drive
• OPTIWIND adaptive control algorithm for maximum power generation
• Short Return on Investment
• Tilt-tower used to simplify installation and nacelle access
• Simple maintenance, minimised component count
• Bespoke remote monitoring interface
The critical aspect of safety in operation is an area where the FUTURENERGY wind turbine products excel. Uniquely, a triple level of redundancy exists:
1. ‘Passive-stall’ blade profile
2. Active-yaw nacelle offset
3. Hydraulic brake (twin calliper, fail-safe)
Full stop capability (capacitive slow-stop to prevent high loads)
The ability to tightly control the rotor speed and system operation is supported by the FUTURENERGY designed and manufactured high performance PMG. This novel design provides the high torque capability absolutely vital to maintain control while properly responding to gusts and continuing energy generation.