Tristar Charge Controllers


These charge controllers are able to work in 3 different modes; with solar they can work in Charge Control, Diversion Control or Load Control. With turbines they work in Diversion & Charge Control with dump loads/resistors.
For use in battery-based systems, these rugged charge controllers offer protection against overcharging when used with our wind turbines. The Tristar TS-60 is capable of handling charging or dumping currents of 60A, the Tristar TS-45 is able to handle 45A, both are suitable for use with battery banks of 12/24 and 48volts.
In order to use these controllers with your turbine and battery bank, you will require a suitable dump load/resistor for connection to the Tristar. Please see our resistor /dump load listing for more info.
Resistors /dump loads are not necessary for solar panel only systems. Resistor /dump loads are necessary for most turbines as the turbine must be kept loaded (producing power) at all times, otherwise they can run too fast and suffer damage without a suitable load.
We can also supply 48v & 24v Standard 2.25″ BSP Direct Replacement 1KW Immersion Heaters for use with our turbines.
PLEASE NOTE – These are Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) controllers not Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) controllers. However, MPPT controllers are not generally suitable for turbine use, as they have no diversion/dump load capabilities. If you wanted to use an MPPT controller for turbine use, you need some form of voltage clamp or an additional PWM controller in parallel to keep the turbine loaded.

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Charge Controller Variations

P0822 – Morningstar Tristar 60A – TS-60, P0823 – Morningstar Tristar 45A – TS-45