The FuturEnergy range of low-voltage, high-efficiency, direct-drive, 3-phase multi-pole permanent magnet generators are ideally suited to wind energy applications and now supplied as standard in the AirForceTM 1 and AirForceTM 10 turbines. The operating speed range is matched specifically to wind turbine operations and is perfect for battery charging, local mains network or grid-tied applications.

The combination of low-speed and high-torque performance suits the generators to a wide variety of other energy applications, for example hydro or tidal, with a bespoke design service available. A stationary body design with tapped mounting holes on both end faces provides easy mounting in any user installation.

FuturEnergy generators are 3-phase multi-pole designs that deliver high efficiencies; low-voltage generators operate at 80% to 90%, with high-voltage units achieving 93% to 95%. Units are tested in-house using torque transducers to compare shaft power with output electrical power.

The 1kW (nominal) high-voltage generator is perfect for grid export applications such as hydro or wind or other similar applications. The generator will produce 2000W at 1000RPM and more at higher speeds. A major additional benefit of the high efficiency performance is lower working temperatures and increased generator longevity.

The generators can also be used as highly efficient 3-phase synchronous motors when matched with an appropriate inverter motor drive. The high number of poles, (12 in the 1kW), enables operation in a much lower speed range than 2 or 4 pole generators or motors and ideally suits them to renewable energy projects where direct drive without a reduction gearbox is a significant benefit.


FuturEnergy employs the latest development software integrated with a unique design in the manufacture of highly efficient bespoke generators to client’s specific project requirements.

Please contact the FuturEnergy team to discuss your requirements.