FuturEnergy Ltd has joined the ‘Made in Britain’ campaign

In FuturEnergy News by FuturEnergy

FuturEnergy Ltd has joined the ‘Made in Britain’ campaign. The Made in Great Britain marque is accredited to businesses that sell goods that have been manufactured or have undergone a final substantial change in Great Britain before sale. The campaign aims to draw attention to UK made goods for customers in the UK and worldwide. More and more customers are keen to buy goods they know for certain are made in the UK to support the design, skills and craftsmanship which still exist here.
The idea for a logo to identify products made in Britain was conceived by Prescot-based cooker manufacturer Stoves following research that it carried out in 2011 showing that the British public was confused about what products were made in the UK. Stoves launched a competition among students at British universities to design a Made in Britain logo. The chosen design was unveiled in July 2011 and companies making products in the UK were invited to apply to use the logo. By October 2012, 600 companies were using the logo.